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Mobile Eyecare & Eyewear Solutions


  • Basic: Checking the Front and Back of Eyes, Eyeglasses Prescription
  • Comprehensive: Basic AND Fundus Camera &
    Wavefront Aberrometry Assessment
  • Comprehensive Plus: Comprehensive AND
    BioPhotonic Health Scanner

Additional Eye Examination such as Dryeye analysis and Treatment, Visual Fields and many more are available upon request.


  • Prescription Analysis
  • Measurment
  • Eywear Consultation & Recommendation
  • Adjustments


  • Frames & Glasses
  • Frames & Glasses Maintenance

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Mobile Eyecare & Eyewear Solutions
Public & Private Entities
All Age Groups

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    Hear from the people who have experienced our one-on-one customized service in the convenience of their own home.

    • Great service, great experience! Wide variety of brands and frames. Nice and professional approach. Strongly recommend! Thank You!

      Faina M.
    • Fully satisfied with this service. Nice and Knowledgeable representative. Good selection of shapes and colours, saying nothing about brands assortment.

      Mike Polo
    • I'm just happy to have this mini-store delivered to my house! Personal approach, safe and convenient to me this times. Thank you so much for the experience.

      Anita Lambert