Glassess Maintenance

Help is One Call Away

We want your glasses to last but caring for them takes a little effort on your part. Here are some simple steps to keep your glasses on good repair:

  1. Knowing how to clean your glasses is important. You will need a microfiber cleaning clothe and cleaning spray formulated for ophthalmic lenses. Avoid using your clothes or a paper towel to clean them.
  2. Use two hands to remove your glasses. You can stretch the frames when you use one hand.
  3. Avoid wearing them on your head. This will also stretch the frame.
  4. When you not wearing them, put your glasses away in the protective case you that will receive courtesy of Optician on Wheels. This can help to prevent damage such as scratches.
  5. Have your glasses adjusted once or twice a year to ensure a comfortable fit.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about properly maintaining your eyewear. I am happy to help!