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You only have one chance to make a first impression with the right frame. That is why it is so important to buy eyewear that feels and looks good. The frame should also withstand wear and tear, so you don’t have to incur the high cost of buying a new pair. That said, which glasses should you pick? This post shares a few tips you should apply to find the best eyewear.

Put your prescription first

Before buying a new frame, you must think about your eyeglasses prescription. If you have a strong prescription, the lenses will be thicker. This means you will need a frame with enough room to accommodate your lenses. Thin frames will not pair perfectly with strong prescription lenses. For this, you will need heavier frames.  

Consider your lifestyle

Which activities do you enjoy? Do you frequently go hiking or kayaking? Do you have hyperactive kids you keep chasing after? You must put your lifestyle into consideration. If you are constantly on the go, what you need is eyewear with sturdy frames. The eyewear frame materials ideal for an active lifestyle include the following:

  • Nylon is both strong and lightweight.
  • Flexon is a flexible and lightweight metal
  • Titanium has constantly been praised for being lightweight, strong and durable.

Learn more about the material

The material used can either add to or subtract from the frames. If you need a metal frame, experts recommend titanium thanks to its durability, strength and lightness. However, you must keep in mind that frames made purely with titanium tend to be hypoallergenic. Titanium is also more expensive than most other materials.

Cellulose acetate is plastic. It is one of the best materials for frames. It is cheaper than titanium and comes in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. The main drawback of cellulose acetate is that it gets brittle over time. You can, however, reduce the chances of this happening by choosing a good acetate. Good cellulose acetate has deep colours and a smooth and polished finish. It is also flexible.

Materials you should be cautious about are Monel. This is an alloy of nickel and copper. Although it is quite durable and doesn’t corrode, it can irritate the skin of some people. If you are allergic to nickel, avoid Monel frames.

Pick a Right frame shape carefully

Are you familiar with face shapes? The basic categories of face shapes are round, oval, square, triangular and heart. When choosing a frame, you must keep the shape of your face in mind. The ideal frame shape is the one that contrasts with your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, the ideal frame for you is a square frame. On the other hand, a square face looks best in a round frame. If your face is wider, go for the larger or oversized frames. Smaller frames are for persons with slimmer or narrower faces. In many cases, an oval face looks great in virtually all frame shapes.

Consider your skin tone For The Right Frame

Finding the right frame shape is not enough; you still have to consider your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. You also need to consider the colours of clothes you typically wear. The right frame colour is the one that complements your wardrobe and colouring.


Many people pick the same style when replacing their old glasses. As a result, being stuck in their comfort bubble keeps them from finding frames that really work for them. You should think about buying a variety of frame styles – two or three. With several frames, you will be able to match your glasses with your mood each morning. Keep in mind that fashion is subjective. Take a risk and step outside your comfort zone.

Get a fourth opinion

When buying a frame, bring someone along. This could be a friend, co-worker, relative or eye care professional. Their opinion will help you know if you are making the right choice. Kids also give the most brutally honest answer when it comes to style.

Don’t ignore your opinion

While getting opinions from other people is great, keep in mind these people are used to seeing you in a certain way. They may not like a certain frame because it is unlike you. That is why you should go with your gut. If you really love a certain frame, go for it.

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