Top Eyewear Brands that Will Forever Be in Style

The best eyewear brands are an unfailing source of stylish sunglasses. The brands build products that are so nice you would actually feel terrible all week if you accidentally sat on a pair. The list of top eyewear brands is quite long. It includes the usual suspects like Persols, Ray-Bans and Oakleys as well as less known up-and-coming indie darlings that look amazing.

The best sunglasses brand remains forever in style because these brands are dedicated to creating grade-A products with the highest level of craftsmanship. The best thing is that these brands offer various styles and at varying price points. You can look like a Hollywood royalty even with a smaller budget. So which brand should you go for? If you are confused about the eyewear brands to buy from, here is a list of the best sunglasses brands.


After close to a century in the business. The legendary list of sunglasses from Ray-Ban need no introduction. Their top products are Dylan’s Wayfarers, Malcom X’s Clubmasters and Maverick’s Aviators. If you love designer eyewear, you should consider owning a pair of Ray-Ban’s always-in-style frames. They are as sophisticated as they are classy.


The Persol frames are a favourite of Formula One drivers, Hollywood royalty and pilots. Why is that so? The answer is the brand’s recognizable design that oozes old-school Italian sophistication. The frames are also sturdy and never compromise the type of durability a red carpet or race track calls for.


While it is not an official sponsor of MLB, it definitely should be. These frames have been a favourite of the league’s top stars. The brand offers frames that radiate a sport-inspired silhouette that looks great on anyone. Whether you are walking on the street or shagging fly balls in the local park, the Oakley frames will look amazing on you.


The brand came into existence in the 1950s. Since then, these signature oversized sunglasses have graced the faces of many celebrities. They played a significant role in making Tony Montana a legend in the movie Scarface. Carrera designs sunglasses that not only help you avoid UV rays but also the paparazzi.

Oliver Peoples

With a humble beginning as a boutique on Hollywood Boulevard, Oliver Peoples has grown into one of the most recognized eyewear brands in the world. Since the 1980s, the brand has grown into a top contender in the eyewear niche. It builds handsome sunglasses inspired by the vintage frames they used to sell back when they were a small boutique. With Oliver Peoples, you can always count on a pair that is made with exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality materials.


Moscot has been outfitting New Yorkers for more than five generations. The brand has a growing global customer base too. The family-run institution builds some of the best eyewear in the business. Thanks to its broad online presence, you don’t have to head to New York to grab a pair.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker got in the market with a new strategy; offering middleman-less and affordable eyewear. Their products use the same high standards as other luxury brands. This is why the brand is a huge threat to the big brands. More than a decade later, the brand is still giving executives of big brands headaches

Randolph Engineering

This has been the go-to brand for aviators. Based in Massachusetts, Randolph Engineering manufactures sunglasses with military-grade precision. The brand is the plug for most aviators in the Department of Defense. Since the 1980s, the brand has been creating eyewear that withstands the daily rigours of civilian life. 

Jacques Marie Mage

The Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses have graced the temples of top celebrities, including Jonathan Majors (Loki), Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves. The label was founded back in 2014 and has since racked up an impressive list of high-profile clients. While they cost a pretty penny, a pair of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses will leave everyone at the beach or party obsessing.


If you want retro-inflected shades, Lexxola is the brand for you. The unisex eyewear has become omnipresent on Instagram. The recently introduced square-frame sunglasses are quite popular. This brand brings the best of the 60s style.

This list of luxury eyewear brands is incomplete. There are many more. At Optician on Wheels, we understand how hard it can be to pick a pair of designer sunglasses, especially when you think about the cost. That is why we come to you, give recommendations on the eyewear that matches your face and budget, as well as help you try on as many frames as you want. Call us now to learn more.