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Ocular health status is a significant contributor to overall wellbeing. Contrary to what most people believe, such eye care services are not only about getting contact lenses or glasses. That is why we perform comprehensive tests when assisting our patients. We ensure we understand your history regarding eye care and your current needs before outlining how to provide the best solutions. Once we determine the issue, we will avail all the facts to you, including all your options, and give expert advice.

Our optometrist can handle a wide range of issues such as pediatric exams, vision testing, emergency eye assessment, and treatment. We are available if you experience double vision or vision loss. Our experts can also help with eye inflammation, infection, or other vision-related emergencies. Our Toronto optician focuses on preventing complications and providing lasting solutions that guarantee clear eyesight for years.

Apart from excellent eye care service delivery, we are also the go-to optometrist near me. Our mobile clinic makes it easier to access the critical services you need to maintain or improve your sight. You can book an appointment with us, but you can also walk in any time.

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The aspects that set us apart from other mobile eyewear boutiques are our unique services and years of experience. We are very keen on how your sunglasses and prescription glasses look. We rely on advanced equipment to help us give you an unequalled clinical experience.



Glaucoma affects the nerve that connects the eye to the brain and is one of the main ocular health issues. That is why it can cause irreversible blindness. However, correct and early diagnosis can help you start a treatment plan that remains effective in the long term.

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Retinal disorders vary, but some common symptoms are vision loss or blurriness. Examples include macular degeneration, retinal detachment or tear, epiretinal membrane, diabetic retinopathy, and floaters. We can give you the correct diagnosis and start appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Glassess Maintenance


We can identify colour-blindness in children or adults during routine assessments. We understand that such a condition can make your life a little challenging. Even though there is no cure yet, we can give you visual aids to better your situation.



Cataracts affect eye lenses and can cause blindness with time. Early diagnosis and visual aid prescription can help with the symptoms. We can also recommend an ophthalmologist for the surgery and assist with preparation and aftercare. You can count on our friendly team.

Prescription Analysis


Myopia or nearsightedness makes it challenging to visualize distant objects. Several treatment options, such as corneal laser procedures, eyeglasses, and contact lenses, are available. Extreme cases may require surgery. Whatever the case, our experts will ensure you regain clear sight.



Some systemic diseases can manifest as ocular health issues and have adverse effects on the rest of your body. Examples include HIV, diabetes, thyroid cancer, and high blood pressure. Diagnosing them early increases your chances of early treatment, thereby protecting your vision and preventing other complications.


One of the common questions we come across is, do you need a referral to see an optometrist in Ontario? The answer is no. You can walk into our clinic or book an appointment if you need assistance with eye care. Optician on Wheels offers all-inclusive eye care services in Toronto. We have the capacity to test for all kinds of infections and eye conditions to ensure our patients get the best treatment or management. We also have experience with various lens fittings and eye care techniques. What is the difference between optician and optometrist? Optometrists provide more comprehensive care than opticians. We evaluate, diagnose, and treat eye issues using techniques beyond visual aid prescription. We are the clinic for you, whether you need pediatric eye care for your child, infection treatment, eye surgery referrals, or any other ocular problem. Feel free to call us.

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    • Great service, great experience! Wide variety of brands and frames. Nice and professional approach. Strongly recommend! Thank You!

      Faina M.
    • Fully satisfied with this service. Nice and Knowledgeable representative. Good selection of shapes and colours, saying nothing about brands assortment.

      Mike Polo
    • I'm just happy to have this mini-store delivered to my house! Personal approach, safe and convenient to me this times. Thank you so much for the experience.

      Anita Lambert