Make sure your glasses make the right statement

Wearing glasses is much more than a means of improving your eyesight. It is also a form of self-expression. I truly believe in the importance of a good first impression and eyewear can play a vital role in achieving that goal. Glasses not only improve vision but they are a fundamental accessory because they are on your face for all to see. They showcase your eyes, which are so important in making a connection with people. 

For some, glasses are merely a necessity. Of course, getting you the prescription and fit you need to ensure you see the world clearly is a priority. However, I not only care about what you see but how you are seen. Your eyewear says a lot about you and is a part of who you are. They help to complete your look. I am constantly evaluating new designer lines so I can help you find that look that turns heads. 

Excited to introduce a new line

That’s why I am excited to introduce my latest line of designer frames from William Morris London. I have a passion for design so I am always on the lookout for the latest in eyewear. But I also have discriminating taste. I want style that endures, not just a fad that disappears quickly. As designer Marc Jacobs says, “Style is much more interesting than fashion.”

The William Morris line exemplifies that. I was immediately sold on their designs and the quality is just amazing. And they are so versatile. I’ve used them with mild prescriptions and really strong prescriptions and the reaction from customers has been amazing. They are lightweight, comfortable and very high quality.

‘Designs with a creative and modern flare’

William Morris London was established in 1996 “with the inspiration to create quintessentially British eyewear designs with a creative and modern flare.” 

William Morris invests in its frames instead of licensing fees, ensuring a higher quality product and standard. It is a niche market line. It is not for everyone … it is for those who can appreciate quality combined with innovative design and elegance. 

I am always excited to discover new designs. When I worked in retail stores and we introduced a new line, I would literally try on every single frame. I wanted to know the story behind each one so that when a customer came in, I could share what I learned and make recommendations based on their needs, lifestyle and expectations. 

When I saw William Morris, I knew immediately that I should be carrying their collection. I met the representative the next day and he showed me more than a thousand frames and I handpicked almost 120 that I believe will impress my clients.

Love and care went into the line

A lot of thought has been put into creating these pieces and so much care and love has gone into this line. The quality is undeniable and the styles are sustainable. The colours are timeless. These are frames customers will love years after they put them on for the first time. It’s a very elegant line and elegance does not go out of style.

I believe in giving customers the latest frames from top designers. I also carry Dior, Celine, Tom Ford, Gucci, Dunhill, Bvlgari, Versace, Loewe, Fendi, Tiffany & Co. and Ray-Ban Junior . Of course, having a wide selection is only one part of the service I provide.

I worked for years in retail, meeting all kinds of customers. It wasn’t unusual for someone to come in with no thought about the look of their next frame. They only cared about the lenses. But I would spend some time with them, explaining that the right eyewear is a way to show yourself to the world. I suggested frames to suit the shape of their face, something that would complement their eyes. 

I get to know the client

I get to know my clients and discuss the look they hope to achieve. Some want to be sassy, some bold. I work with them to find a style that is their own. A style that makes them feel confident and happy. I always encourage people to spend some extra time and think about the glasses they will be living with because glasses can be a very bold accessory.

Style can be important when making an impression because your personality isn’t the first thing people see. In the end, people don’t want a frame that they see on everybody else’s face. They want to stand out and turn heads. And I am here to help them do that.

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