When searching for optician near me in Toronto, you will find eyewear stores that are not always easy to get to and with products sometimes lacking in style. If you want to find the right look for you, Maryam is an expert optician and provides premium opticianry services that are mobile. Take the experience of selecting the right pair of glasses to a whole new level with our mobile eyewear store. Not only is it convenient for the customer, but it puts you one-on-one with a style expert who can offer input as it relates to what glasses look best according to the shapes and dimensions of your facial features. The process is simple. Browse high-end designer frames online. Upload your prescription to our website. Book an appointment. It’s easy.

Our Services

Mobile, On-Site and On-Demand Comprehensive Optometry,Optician and Eyewear Solutions:

Eye Examinition (Optometry)

  • Basic: Checking the Front and Back of Eyes, Eyeglasses Prescription
  • Comprehensive: Basic PLUS BioPhotonic Health Scanner
  • Comprehensive Plus: Comprehensive PLUS Function Test of Retina
    Additional Eye Examination Categories are Available upon request.


  • Prescription Analysis
  • Measurments
  • Eywear Consultation & Recommendation
  • Adjustments

Eyewear Products & Solutions

  • Frames & Glasses
  • Frames & Glasses Maintenance


Whether this is your first time buying glasses or you’re looking at a new pair after years of wearing an older design, our expert optician Maryam is here to help you. At Optician on Wheels we are happy to make any adjustments and provide recommendations during our scheduled in-home appointment. If you have questions relating to long-term vision care, of course, we are happy to help with that too. Book your appointment today and our mobile eyewear store will be at your door steps.

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Mobile Optician Services and Eyewear

Optician on Wheels is a mobile optician service that provides professional eye care and eyewear services to adults in Toronto. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest care and service possible.

Our mobile optician services include comprehensive eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and repair and adjustments of glasses. We also offer a wide range of eyewear products and accessories to meet the needs of our clients.

Complete Inventory of Frames and Lenses

Optician on Wheels is proud to offer a complete inventory of frames and lenses to meet the needs of our clients. We carry various designer frames and lenses, as well as a full line of prescription eyewear. Our resident optician, Maryam Bidgoli, will help you find the perfect frame and lens combination to suit your individual needs.

Glasses Maintenance and Adjustments

In addition to our mobile optician services, Optician on Wheels also offers glasses maintenance and adjustments. Our skilled technicians are able to perform a variety of tasks, including cleaning and polishing your glasses, adjusting the fit of your frames, and making minor repairs.

Kid-Friendly Designs

At Optician on Wheels, we understand that kids need more than just functional eyewear. They also want glasses that look cool and feel comfortable. That’s why we offer a wide range of kid-friendly designs, from trendy to classic. We have something for everyone, and our friendly optician is always happy to help kids find the perfect pair of glasses.

The Optician on Wheels Advantage

There are many reasons to choose Optician on Wheels for your child’s eyewear needs. We’re convenient, affordable, and, most importantly, dedicated to providing the best possible service. Book a session today!

Eyewear Consultation and Prescription Analysis

Optician on Wheels offers a comprehensive eyewear consultation and prescription analysis service. Our optician will work with you to determine your exact eyewear needs and prescribe the best possible solution for your individual situation.

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  • Our Reviews

    Hear from the people who have experienced our one-on-one customized service in the convenience of their own home.

    • Great service, great experience! Wide variety of brands and frames. Nice and professional approach. Strongly recommend! Thank You!

      Faina M.
    • Fully satisfied with this service. Nice and Knowledgeable representative. Good selection of shapes and colours, saying nothing about brands assortment.

      Mike Polo
    • I'm just happy to have this mini-store delivered to my house! Personal approach, safe and convenient to me this times. Thank you so much for the experience.

      Anita Lambert