When looking for the best pair of glasses, you have to think about the shape of your face. The best thing is there is a design for any face shape. So what do you need to look for to end up with the perfect glasses? This guide will help you find the frame that is perfect for your face.

Identify your face shape

Most people change their glasses at least once every 3 years. When it is time to get new glasses, you have to ensure you get the shape right. With so many glasses to pick from, knowing which one works for your face will help you choose a pair that brings out your best facial contours.

There are basically five categories of face shapes. They include:
• Round
• Oval
• Square
• Triangular
• Heart

Needless to say, manufacturers of frames and lenses are no longer afraid of crossing the thousand-dollar mark when pricing their products. It is expensive to choose a pair of glasses that is outside your ‘comfort zone’. The good thing is with services like those offered by Optician on Wheels , you can try on glasses before committing.

Glasses for all face shapes

Nobody has a face that is a perfect shape. Most faces are a mix of different shapes, such as tall foreheads and rounded chins or tapered jaws and angular features. This makes picking a face shape very hard. The secret, however, is to go for the shape that looks more like yours. Once you settle on a face shape, you can pick frames for people with your face shape. Make sure you look at your jawline in a mirror before selecting glasses. Does it lean towards the angular side, or is it more curved? Deciding on whether your jawline is more square or round will help settle on the shape of your face.

Glasses for a square-shaped face

People with a square face shape benefit from glasses with a frame that is oval or round. Pick glasses that are proportional to the width and length of your face. The round or oval frames soften the hard angles in your square-shaped face. They add balance. They are also ideal for people with diamond-shaped faces. For a square face to look great, you have to draw attention away from your facial features with coloured frames.

If you are buying sunglasses, choose the ones with a curved frame design that is wider. These frames will soften the sharp angles and balance the cheekbones.

Glasses for a round-shaped face

This is a face that is roughly the same width from the brow to the jaw. When choosing glasses, pick frames that add angles. Round faces look great with bold and angular glasses that have clean lines. Rectangular frames can break your facial structures, which can make your face look thinner and longer. Geometric and angular frames will add sharper and distinct lines to the face and create balance. Upswept frames, on the other hand, will draw attention to your eyes.

Glasses for a heart-shaped face

These face shapes are widest at the brow and narrow towards the chin. The cheekbones are high. People with this type of face shape look great in winged-out frames that are jutting out a bit wider than their forehead. Bottom heavy frames work for people with narrow chins. They create the illusion of more width. Frames with a low-set temple are ideal for people who are conscious of their forehead’s width. They draw attention away from the forehead. Oval-shaped frames will draw attention away from a pointy chin. Rimless or light-coloured frames reduce the look of glasses on your face.

Glasses for a triangle-shaped face

These faces are widest at the bottom and narrow on top. A mix of angular and round-shaped shapes fits a triangular shape perfectly. Consider aviator, D-frames or cat-eyes glasses. Round style frames help make a statement with interesting juxtaposition to the angular features.

Glasses for an oval-shaped face

Most glasses work with this face. You should, however, focus on frames that are wide as the widest part of your face. This is the area around the eyes. Suitable frames are either rectangular, square or geometric shapes.

Are you ready to find your perfect pair of glasses? Get in touch with Optician on Wheels. We will come to you, share tips on choosing the right glasses and help you find the glasses that match your face shape and budget. Call us today to find out more.

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